Company Secretary salary packages are lucrative since it is a career that catapults one to high managerial positions within a short span of time.

Company secretaries are professionals who are trained in the diverse disciplines such as corporate and other laws, governance principles, taxation structures, management practices and so forth so that they gain all round expertise and insight to be able to advise the senior management such as the board of directors of a company as to how decisions should be taken in accordance with legal and statutory requirements.

Company Secretary Salary Company Secretary is a course which is imparted by a sole institute in India – the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The course consists of three distinct programmes which need to be covered so that one can qualify to obtain the certification of being a Company Secretary. The programmes, Foundation, Executive and Professional, each consist of several modules or papers which deal with different subjects from accounting to management, taxation, laws, business communication, information systems and so forth. Thus, a professional who successfully completes all the three programmes is ready to face the top corporate and legal challenges that may come his or her way.

Company Secretary is such a position that finds place in all types of industries. By law the Companies Act makes it compulsory for all companies having a paid up share capital more than five crores, to have a Company Secretary on board. For smaller companies, a compliance certificate needs to be obtained from practicing company secretaries. For company secretaries who seek employment in companies their preliminary responsibility comprises of assisting the broad or trustees in taking decisions in accordance with corporate governance principles and as per legal and statutory requirements. Besides these, company secretaries can be gainfully employed in the finance departments in overseeing financial accounting, audits, contracts and negotiations especially from the legal point of view.

Those who finish the managerial training to become company secretaries, start off as junior secretarial officers in companies with salaries ranging from three to four lakhs per annum in Indian companies. As of 2008, Company Secretary salary in India were even ranging to six lakhs per annum figure in ITor ITeS private firms where company secretaries are employed for their advisory services as well as domain expertise. With the recession that came in 2009 the salary figures have dipped but even then, the starting salary figures hover around three lakhs per annum with monthly salary ranging from twenty five to thirty thousand. As one gains expertise and domain knowledge, the salary figures move upwards, especially in private enterprises.