Chennai is one of the fast developing metropolises in India and there are expanding business opportunities to be found in this capital city of Tamil Nadu. Every type of industry, from industrial to software or animation studios are setting up base here and this presents a myriad of employment opportunities for different types of professionals, including company secretaries.

If you thought that Company Secretary jobs are only restricted in the financial capital of the country or the capital NCR region, you would be dead wrong. Cities all over the country are increasing their industrial base ad there is a growing need for Company Secretary qualified professionals who can offer their legal and advisory services to every type of firm. A glance at the current employment scenario in Chennai would show the kind of employment opportunities present in the city today.

Company Secretary Jobs in Chennai There are jobs posted on jobs portals like naukri which advertise for media companies who require the services of company secretaries. Most such companies have lots of work in documentation such as drafting, preparing, vetting and organizing the legal aspects of various documentations; looking into trademarks, copyrights, patents, finalizing registration and applications, looking into vendor agreements and other forms of contracts. With the rise in media companies including publication houses in Chennai and other places in south India, they have specific legal work which requires the expertise of company secretaries.

There are also financial services firms in Chennai who are on the lookout for company secretaries. Since stock broking, mutual funds management and private wealth management funds deal with financial transactions and services, they need to have company secretaries employed to ensure that the various products that they sell to their clients are legally sound and all types of statutory provisions are looked into. Again, internal audits and financial accounting is an important process which need vetting by company secretaries in such firms.

There is a third category of companies who have a high demand for company secretaries and that involves IT or IT enabled services. Some such consultancy firms employ company secretaries as consultants who work as employees on outsourced projects, bringing with them the domain knowledge of secretarial services on similar projects. However, there is also a high demand for company secretaries, especially at a senior level, who would look into the board and shareholder meetings, ensure corporate governance in board decisions, overlook the entire administration from the legal perspective, look into the legal provisions of contracts, agreements and so forth from a senior managerial point of view.

Thus, there are many Company Secretary jobs in Chennai in different sectors and one can either develop a specific domain experience in a certain industry or even try new horizons to expand their knowledge of the workings of different industries.