There is no dearth of jobs for Company Secretary roles in India. And as far as projections go, India is likely to need more company secretaries in the coming years, given the various empowerments which have been provided to such certified professionals and the growing corporate sector in the country.

A person who is qualified as a Company Secretary has gone through rigorous study and training in various fields of commerce, legal and corporate matters and hence becomes competent to take up responsibilities in different functions in various industries such as finance, accounts, secretarial, personnel, administrative, legal and others. Their services are required in both private and public sectors. Though by law it is mandatory for companies having a paid up share capital of five crores or more to employ a Company Secretary in their rolls, every type of organization which is run by a board or trustee structure, is listed on stock exchanges, is a co-operative society, federation, association, statutory authority need the services of a qualified Company Secretary to advise them on all legal matters.

Job for Company Secretary Thus, all such organizations can offer jobs of Company Secretary positions to such qualified individuals. Again, qualified company secretaries can choose to work as independent professionals or as consultants in secretarial firms where they offer their services to organizations on various corporate and statutory matters. From joint ventures to conciliations, arbitration cases, project planning and management, take over’s, acquisitions, listing on stock exchanges and others, their range of topics on which they are authorized to provide expertise and authority are vast. In many cases, practicing company secretaries need to issue compliance certificates as made mandatory by the Companies Act, the SEBI Act, the Exim policy, the Depositories Act and others.

Many banks, especially the nationalized ones, have their separate legal, finance, administrative departments which require the role of a Company Secretary. All major public organizations and Central government ventures require the employment of a Company Secretary under their rolls. However, the modern private sector with the listed companies is the new age recruiter of such professionals. With the rapidly changing corporate scenario complete with takeovers, joint collaboration, foreign collaboration and other such issues which crop up in the business scenario of a company, the requirement is essential of a Company Secretary to advise on such statutory and legal maters. Even normal functions of a company such as productions, sales, finance departments need the services of a Company Secretary for drawing up contractual agreements, setting the legal terms in many forms of documentation and other vital functions.

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