Every country has a regulatory body which serves as an umbrella organization for practicing company secretaries in that country. The name of this profession may differ from country to country but they have similar allocated legal and corporate functions which makes this role vital for large corporate companies.

Similarly, the institute which develops Company Secretary professionals in India is known as the Institute of Company Secretaries of India or ICSI for short. It is a professional statutory body which has been constituted under the Company Secretaries Act of 1980 which was passed by the Indian Parliament. It is the sole organization in India which is authorized to develop, train and regulate the Company Secretary professionals. Those who pass the three course professional program as well as managerial training are awarded the certificate of being a Company Secretary and they also can become members of the institute. ICSI has its headquarters in the capital city of India, Delhi and has regional offices in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.

Institute of Company Secretary of India The institute was formed in 1960 when the then Company Law Board started such a course which awarded the Government Diploma in Company Secretaryship. As the popularity of the course grew and the number of students increased, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India came into being in 1968 to conduct the CS examinations. In 1981 the institute was awarded the status of a statutory body under the Company Secretaries Act which allowed it to issue certificates in its name. Today it has over five thousand fellow members and over two lakh registered students who are at various levels of the three programmes.

The ICSI not only conducts the Company Secretaryship exams but also provides other facilities to students and registered members. These include practical training, regulating the workings of certified professionals in the various industries as per the code of conduct and professional ethics and so forth. The institute also promotes an environment of continuing education and professional development by bringing out research publications, monthly journals for the registered members. They also have program bulletins, tutorials for students who are appearing for the various level examinations. By interacting regularly with the government and other regulatory bodies, the institute helps its members stay updated about policy and professional changes.

Thus, ICSI is an important institute and statutory body for the promotion and updation of the profession of Company Secretary ship and is one of its kind in India.

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