For those who wish to pursue a corporate career as a Company Secretary, they need to qualify for the same by completing the professional program which is conducted by the Indian Institute of Company Secretary. This institute was constituted under the Company Secretaries Act of 1980 which was passed by the Indian Parliament. It is the only recognized institute and professional body in India which can certify professionals who pass out of the institute as Company Secretaries and regulates the profession in the country overall. This institute awards certificates which bestow on qualified individuals the designation of Company Secretary or CS. They can even become members of the institute which acts as an umbrella body for this profession.

Indian Institute of Company Secretary Company Secretary is a high profile, managerial position in companies which have a paid up capital of over five crores. Such large companies in India are instructed by law to appoint a Company Secretary who thereby have the responsibility to direct the board of the company to work in accordance to the governance and corporate laws of the country and of each state.

With the growth of the corporate sector in India, the need for Company Secretaries is on a rise. Thus, the ICSI also has expanded with its headquarters at Delhi and with regional offices at Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai. There is also a comprehensive website of ICSI from where one can get lot of information related to the course, examination details, download application forms and a myriad of other essential information.

Formed in 1960, this institute first started this course which at that time awarded the Government Diploma in Company Secretaryship to the successful participants. As the popularity of the course grew, the Government promoted the institute under the Section 25 of the Companies Act of 1956 to award the certificate under its name. It thus became a statutory body since 1981.

As of the annual report of the ICSI of 2009-10, there were 16613 Associates and as many as 5226 Fellow Members on the rolls of the company. The institute has certified members as many as 3576 as on March 2010. The number of students for the various programs are an enormous number at any given point of time – there are as many as over two lakh students amongst which there is a greater share registered for the executive program; about one lakh students who have passed the foundation course and about 64000 students who are about to sit for the foundation exam.

Thus, ICSI is the one and only institute to go to for qualifying as a Company Secretary in India.

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