There are several ways on how to apply for the post of company secretary. The company secretary ship being one of the most esteemed profiles can be obtained only after receiving the educational qualifications by the reputed company secretary through an institute that trains you on the course of a company secretary. The top most ranking institute across the world of a company secretary is the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This institute is quite a renowned institute for training the candidates on company secretary ship. Institute of Company Secretaries India also has an option of teaching the company secretary courses online.

How to Apply for the Post of Company Secretary The biggest asset for a candidate interested in applying for the post of company secretary is the certification that he receives from a reputed institute. The profile of a company secretary is one of the prestigious posts and hence it gives room for competition. The scope and requirement for company secretary in companies have increased to a great extent. The companies will definitely be benefitted if there are efficient company secretaries who can look after their business with utmost care and caution.

The important point that needs to be borne in mind by organizations is that the company secretary ensures the safety and well being of the company. Hence the organization is largely dependent on a company secretary and this is one of the main reasons why appointing a capable and an efficient company secretary is very essential.

The procedure for applying for the post of company secretary is similar to applying for any other post. An application form with the necessary details needs to be filled in. There would be a first round of interview conducted which will involve questions regarding professional, personal, educational background, training details, quotient test and much more. The duration and pattern of questions may differ from individual to individual but there would be few general questions which would be questioned by the interviewer to all candidates.

After completion of the first round of interview, candidates would be eligible for the second round of interview. The second round of interview decides the fate of the candidate. The decision would be taken by the interviewer for appointing the candidate as company secretary of the company. Thus this is how an individual can apply for a post of company secretary. The company secretary profile indeed holds lot of scope in today’s competitive market. There are several websites that provides the details about questions asked during company secretary interview as well.

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