If you are aiming for the final course of Company Secretary, then you must be the lucky few who have successfully passed both the previous level exams. The three levels of the Company Secretary program have been recently renamed as the Foundation Programme, the Executive Programme and the Professional Programme. Though renamed, the courses remain same with the same subjects and modules in each level.

The Company Secretary course is a much coveted course in India and there is only one institute which awards such a professional certificate – the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This institute is one of a kind and is responsible for nurturing the thousands of Company Secretary qualified individuals who pass out of this esteemed institute each year.

Final Course for Company Secretary One can begin the preparations for such a course early in one’s career. A Company Secretary is a profession which is challenging as well as rewarding financially and it is known to parachute qualified individuals right into the board room of corporate offices. Such a profession gears one to become legal and statutory advisors to board members of an organization, guiding their decisions in compliance with the existing laws and statutory requirements in a country. Then again, many acts such as the Companies Act or the SEBI Act or the Depositories Act make it compulsory for companies to obtain authorized compliance certificates or statements from company secretaries, either in their employment or as practicing consultants.

Thus, there are growing opportunities for those who are willing to cover the arduous professional program of Company Secretaryship. For those who have already completed the Foundation and the Executive programme, they are just one step away from completing the last lap to obtain the certificate of Company Secretary. Of course, there is also the fifteen month duration professional training that needs to be undergone before the certificate is obtained.

The professional programme fee is Rs. 7500 and if one opts fort the oral coaching classes offered by the institute or other empanelled tutorials, then the fees are additional. There are four modules which are part of the professional programme – the first module consist of papers related to company secretarial practice, nuances of drafting, pleading and appearance. The second module consists of papers related to treasury, financial and forex management, corporate restructuring, insolvency. The third module consists of strategic management, international trade practices, advanced tax laws while the last module deals with due diligence, corporate compliance, governance and business ethics.

Those who wish to succeed the last lap of the Company Secretary programme need to prepare extensively on these modules of the professional programme with the help of tutorials or e-learning portal provided by the institute.

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