A Company Secretary is a position which is required in most countries in both private as well as public organizations. When a company has a certain amount of paid up capital of shareholders invested in it, the role of Company Secretary becomes important in the company. Ensuring the proper functioning of the board of a company in accordance with the governance and corporate laws in a country or state and maintaining the interest of shareholders by ensuring proper communication of the company’s workings and other documentations are the prime responsibilities of a Company Secretary.

Educational Requirements of a Company Secretary In India, the Companies Act defines the role of a Company Secretary. It says that every company which has a paid up share capital of Rs. 50 million or 5 crores and exceeding such an amount, need to appoint a Company Secretary. In case of companies whose paid up capital is not less than ten lakhs, may not appoint a full time CS but need to have a compliance certificate issued by a practicing Company Secretary. There are guidelines laid down in the Companies Act, 1956, Section, 383 A by which the responsibilities and duties of a Company Secretary role in India are specified.

The qualification for Company Secretary course is essentially the same up to a basic level for those who wish to take up a career as a Company Secretary. One needs to pass the higher secondary examination at the high school level to enroll in the foundation course which is there for a Company Secretary. Foundation course exam can be taken only when one successfully passes the higher secondary or equivalent examination. Graduation must be completed and a master’s degree is also preferable by the time one enrolls in the intermediate courses or passes the foundation course. The intermediate courses must be cleared before one can proceed to the final course. The final course of a Company Secretary once completed, along with additional certification in usage of MS Office, fully equips one to take up a job as a practicing Company Secretary.

Besides these certifications, one also needs to have a good command over communicative English and business communication skills. One should be of an analytical bent of mind so that the regulatory frameworks and policies can be effectively utilized or altered as per the needs of the workings of a company. Managerial abilities such as planning, strategizing need to be inculcated in individuals who wish to excel in a career as a Company Secretary.

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