Company Secretary is a specialized profession which consist of qualified professionals who undergo rigorous training to obtain such specialized knowledge invaluable to corporate, both public and private.

Company secretaries in India are a specialized group of qualified professionals who undergo the certification course from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This course consist of extensive coverage of subjects like governments policies, corporate laws, taxation structures, corporate governance, managerial techniques and so forth. Once Company Secretary certification is obtained, such individuals can gain employment in different industries as well as can opt to practice as independent professionals or consultants in secretarial firms.

Company Secretary Recruitment Company Secretary recruitment is a specialized field wherein recruitment firms concentrate on matching clients’ requirements with company secretaries having matching qualifications and experience.

Company secretaries by the Companies Act of 1956 are required to be employed by companies which have a paid up shares capital of five crores or more. Smaller companies also need to have compliance certificates issued by practicing company secretaries. Since such professionals can provide many legal and advisory services to companies, they are sought by many companies even if it is not mandatory by law.

There are many recruitment firms which specialize in Company Secretary recruitment. Many companies seek company secretaries with many years of experience who can assist board of directors or shareholders of a company on many legal and statutory matters. Such individuals need to be sought out in the market, especially those who have domain knowledge in similar industry. Recruitment firms which specialize in Company Secretary recruitment first understand the client company’s requirement as to what job profile the Company Secretary would have to perform in the company. While many senior positions involve interaction with shareholders, board members or trustees, there might be junior secretarial positions who are required to look into the legal aspects of documentation, draft out agreements, negotiations, copyrights, contracts and so forth.

There are many job portals nowadays such as Naukri, Timesjobs, Shine, Monster to mention a few, which have extensive listings of various professions including company secretaries. In these sites there are many listings for Company Secretary jobs by consultants as well as by companies. Such professionals can also register themselves on these sites or with such recruitment consultants to find jobs of their choice. Many company secretaries wish to specialize in different industries or wish to become consultants in secretarial firms. One can find careers of their choice through such job portals which connects prospective employers with interested employees.

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