Company Secretary exams are comprehensive tests which span a wide variety of subjects and can be of different levels – foundation, intermediate or finals. The career of a Company Secretary is a coveted one in India like other countries. In most countries the job role of such a position is similar, differing only in specific regulations and state or country specific corporate and legal responsibilities.

Those who are considering a career as a Company Secretary, need to know that the courses and exams that one needs to pass span several years and need a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of various subjects as are covered in the Company Secretary course. The Company Secretary course aims to equip students with all requisite knowledge of the legal and corporate laws in a country. Besides these, the basic knowledge of the overall administration of a company, the various aspects of business administration and the various functions, understanding of the macro and micro economics of an economy are all instilled in the Company Secretary course.

Company Secretary Exam The Company Secretary course needs to be completed at three levels – foundation, intermediate and final. There are various topics and papers in each course. When taking a Company Secretary exam at each level, one needs to appear for several topics. Each paper is evaluated on hundred marks and needs to be covered in three hours time. In the part one examination which is the foundation course, the first paper is that of English and business communication; here one is required to have a sound understanding of the basic elements of the English language as well as show their prowess in different types of essay, precise writing styles; the business communication part consists of different types of business letters and formal written communication that needs to be done while conducting different businesses.

The second paper consists of the basics of economics and business environment; the third paper is about financial accounting while the fourth paper is about business laws and environment. Interestingly, a lot of emphasis is being given on information systems and knowledge of software and applications which are an essential part of any business. Hence, the fourth and last paper of the foundation course consists of information systems and quantitative techniques. The intermediate course of Company Secretaryship concentrates on different types of laws – company laws, tax structures, different types of taxations as well as corporate information systems, corporate accounting and corporate communication. There is stress on managerial skills at this level as the course equips the students to move onto the final level. In the final level, one learns more about the roles and responsibilities of a Company Secretary, regulatory provisions for companies, financial markets, corporate governance and so forth.

Thus, the Company Secretary courses are extensive and to pass the Company Secretary exams at the different levels, one needs to prepare extensively for the same.

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