Company Secretary is a high managerial position which exists in large private and public companies in most countries. Such a role is an important one which is made mandatory by many corporate laws in different countries. In India Company Secretary is made mandatory for companies which have a paid up share capital of Rs. 50 lakhs or Rs. 5crores and above. In such companies one needs to appoint a Company Secretary who will be the legal representative of the company and will advise the board, the senior officials and the share holders of the different legal regulations that need to be complied with. Such an official will not only ensure that the board decisions are in accordance with the company laws and regulations of a country or state, but will also ensure proper communication of all company decisions and policies to share holders, stock exchanges and employees of the company.

Company Secretary Entrance Exam With the opening up of the corporate sector over several decades now in India, there has arisen many large companies and firms who need to employ company secretaries as part of the regulations or corporate laws in the country. There is a projected estimation that the number of company secretaries that Indian corporate sector will need will increase and accordingly, the ICSI is gearing up to provided updated courses and programmes to all aspiring company secretaries.

There is no entrance exam which needs to be passed by aspiring applicants for getting admission in the Company Secretary course. The course consists of three levels of programmes – the foundation program, the executive program and the professional program. Initially one needs to apply for the foundation course for which the course fees are Rs. 3600 and a nominal fee of Rs. 200 is charged when the application form is deposited. On successful admission into the course, one will receive the course materials issued by the institute.

Since the entire program is conducted by the ICSI institute, their offices and website contain all details and answers to questions that students can have about the courses. the foundation course usually lasts for 8 months and one can take the exam after that; one need to have cleared the higher secondary examination before he or she can sit for the foundation exam; this is like the entrance exam for the executive program which is the next level. On passing the foundation course, one needs to pass the executive program which then becomes the entrance exam for the professional and final level. Thus, Company Secretary program is an arduous professional program designed to pick up the best minds for such a high profile corporate role.

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