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There is no dearth of jobs for Company Secretary roles in India. And as far as projections go, India is likely to need more company secretaries in the coming years, given the various empowerments which have been provided to such certified professionals and the growing corporate sector in the country.

A person who is qualified as a Company Secretary has gone through rigorous study and training in various fields of commerce, legal and corporate matters and hence becomes competent to take up responsibilities in different functions in various industries such as finance, accounts, secretarial, personnel, administrative, legal and others. Their services are required in both private and public sectors. Though by law it is mandatory for companies having a paid up share capital of five crores or more to employ a Company Secretary in their rolls, every type of organization which is run by a board or trustee structure, is listed on stock exchanges, is a co-operative society, federation, association, statutory authority need the services of a qualified Company Secretary to advise them on all legal matters.

Job for Company Secretary Thus, all such organizations can offer jobs of Company Secretary positions to such qualified individuals. Again, qualified company secretaries can choose to work as independent professionals or as consultants in secretarial firms where they offer their services to organizations on various corporate and statutory matters. From joint ventures to conciliations, arbitration cases, project planning and management, take over’s, acquisitions, listing on stock exchanges and others, their range of topics on which they are authorized to provide expertise and authority are vast. In many cases, practicing company secretaries need to issue compliance certificates as made mandatory by the Companies Act, the SEBI Act, the Exim policy, the Depositories Act and others.

Many banks, especially the nationalized ones, have their separate legal, finance, administrative departments which require the role of a Company Secretary. All major public organizations and Central government ventures require the employment of a Company Secretary under their rolls. However, the modern private sector with the listed companies is the new age recruiter of such professionals. With the rapidly changing corporate scenario complete with takeovers, joint collaboration, foreign collaboration and other such issues which crop up in the business scenario of a company, the requirement is essential of a Company Secretary to advise on such statutory and legal maters. Even normal functions of a company such as productions, sales, finance departments need the services of a Company Secretary for drawing up contractual agreements, setting the legal terms in many forms of documentation and other vital functions.

Company Secretary Recruitment

Company Secretary is a specialized profession which consist of qualified professionals who undergo rigorous training to obtain such specialized knowledge invaluable to corporate, both public and private.

Company secretaries in India are a specialized group of qualified professionals who undergo the certification course from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This course consist of extensive coverage of subjects like governments policies, corporate laws, taxation structures, corporate governance, managerial techniques and so forth. Once Company Secretary certification is obtained, such individuals can gain employment in different industries as well as can opt to practice as independent professionals or consultants in secretarial firms.

Company Secretary Recruitment Company Secretary recruitment is a specialized field wherein recruitment firms concentrate on matching clients’ requirements with company secretaries having matching qualifications and experience.

Company secretaries by the Companies Act of 1956 are required to be employed by companies which have a paid up shares capital of five crores or more. Smaller companies also need to have compliance certificates issued by practicing company secretaries. Since such professionals can provide many legal and advisory services to companies, they are sought by many companies even if it is not mandatory by law.

There are many recruitment firms which specialize in Company Secretary recruitment. Many companies seek company secretaries with many years of experience who can assist board of directors or shareholders of a company on many legal and statutory matters. Such individuals need to be sought out in the market, especially those who have domain knowledge in similar industry. Recruitment firms which specialize in Company Secretary recruitment first understand the client company’s requirement as to what job profile the Company Secretary would have to perform in the company. While many senior positions involve interaction with shareholders, board members or trustees, there might be junior secretarial positions who are required to look into the legal aspects of documentation, draft out agreements, negotiations, copyrights, contracts and so forth.

There are many job portals nowadays such as Naukri, Timesjobs, Shine, Monster to mention a few, which have extensive listings of various professions including company secretaries. In these sites there are many listings for Company Secretary jobs by consultants as well as by companies. Such professionals can also register themselves on these sites or with such recruitment consultants to find jobs of their choice. Many company secretaries wish to specialize in different industries or wish to become consultants in secretarial firms. One can find careers of their choice through such job portals which connects prospective employers with interested employees.

Company Secretary Jobs in Mumbai

The company secretary jobs in India do play a significant role as a company secretary is a person who takes care of all the secretarial work of the company. They ensure that all the legal matters are under control and also organize regular meetings with the board of directors and the shareholders of the company for the growth of the company. Some of the company secretary jobs in Mumbai have been listed below.

There are many heavy and light engineering companies in and around the suburbs of Mumbai which require company secretaries. The requirements could consist of both junior as well as senior levels. At the junior or middle management level, the candidate needs to have a minimum experience of 3 years as a company secretary in a listed company. He should have the ability to conduct company secretarial functions and board meetings. He needs to maintain the records for minutes of meeting, statutory registers, and also coordinate with the board of directors and other authorities.

Company Secretary Jobs in Mumbai When there are senior level vacancies, the companies look for a candidate with a minimum experience of 10 years as a company secretary in a reputed company. The job involves taking charge of legal and secretarial functions of the company. To handle legal matters of the company individually. The candidate will be responsible for legal documentation, legal auditing, governance and corporate compliance. The candidate also needs to have excellent communications skills in addition to management skills.

Other types of companies where there is a growing demand for company secretaries are media and publication companies. In such places there might be junior level positions available. Such companies are on the lookout for a candidate who can qualify for the role of a company secretary with a minimum experience of 2 years. The candidate should be efficient in doing all his duties and responsibilities assigned to him. He should organize meetings with the board of directors and other related authorities whenever the need arises. He should maintain all the statutory registers of the company. Filing of important documents and preparing minutes of meetings are also some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled by the candidate.

With the growing industrial and service sector in Mumbai, there are many junior and senior level vacancies which are opening up for company secretaries. A candidate can fit into the role of a company secretary with a minimum experience of 2 years. Such candidates should be in a position to independently handle all the legal matters of the company. Excellent communication skill is a must. He or she need to build a good rapport with the board of directors and the shareholders by updating them regularly about the status of the company. They also need to organize board meetings as well as annual general meetings and prepare the minutes of meetings and maintain records of the same.

Company Secretary Jobs in Kolkata

A company secretary can serve not only in private sector but also in a public sector. As per the section 383 A, companies whose share capital is Rs 50 lakhs and above are legally required to employ a company secretary. Hence there is lot of scope for company secretary jobs. If you are interested in pursuing your career as a company secretary then you need to complete the course in the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. There are three sections of company secretary course which are foundation course, intermediate course and the final course. In addition to the course one also needs to have an excellent command over English that includes both oral and written. Here are listed down some of the opportunities that exist for company secretary jobs in Kolkata.

Company Secretary Jobs in Kolkata There are many non government organizations focusing on social development areas which require the expertise of company secretaries to carry out their administrative and financial functions effectively. In such companies they seek a candidate who can qualify for the role of a company secretary with a minimum experience of 2 years. His job role is to organize meetings with the board of directors, and also to ensure that the company adheres to articles of association and memorandum and the statutory requirements. The candidate should be able to prepare the minutes of meeting, reviews, processes, systems, written and verbal drafting emails etc. whenever needed.

Kolkata has a growing base of consultancy services. These consultancies can range from recruitment to engineering and financial advisory services. In such organizations, the requirement of a company secretary comprises of candidates who should be smart with excellent communication skills with a minimum experience of 1 year. He should be in a position to prepare the agenda for board meetings as well as annual general meetings. The candidate should have knowledge about banking, accounts management and should be able to maintain records of minutes of meetings for future reference. The candidate should independently take care of all the secretarial work of the company with sound knowledge of corporate laws.

There are many industries in and around Kolkata, from small to medium size manufacturing companies which require the expertise of company secretaries for their legal and administrative functions.

In such companies the candidate should have a minimum experience of 2 years as a company secretary in a listed company. The candidate should be efficient and have good communication skills. The job requirements are to organize meetings with the board of directors and the shareholders and prepare minutes of meetings. To maintain registers of directors, secretaries and members and to ensure all important decisions made are being communicated to the stakeholders. These are some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled to qualify for the post of a company secretary in such companies.

Company Secretary Salary

Company Secretary salary packages are lucrative since it is a career that catapults one to high managerial positions within a short span of time.

Company secretaries are professionals who are trained in the diverse disciplines such as corporate and other laws, governance principles, taxation structures, management practices and so forth so that they gain all round expertise and insight to be able to advise the senior management such as the board of directors of a company as to how decisions should be taken in accordance with legal and statutory requirements.

Company Secretary Salary Company Secretary is a course which is imparted by a sole institute in India – the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The course consists of three distinct programmes which need to be covered so that one can qualify to obtain the certification of being a Company Secretary. The programmes, Foundation, Executive and Professional, each consist of several modules or papers which deal with different subjects from accounting to management, taxation, laws, business communication, information systems and so forth. Thus, a professional who successfully completes all the three programmes is ready to face the top corporate and legal challenges that may come his or her way.

Company Secretary is such a position that finds place in all types of industries. By law the Companies Act makes it compulsory for all companies having a paid up share capital more than five crores, to have a Company Secretary on board. For smaller companies, a compliance certificate needs to be obtained from practicing company secretaries. For company secretaries who seek employment in companies their preliminary responsibility comprises of assisting the broad or trustees in taking decisions in accordance with corporate governance principles and as per legal and statutory requirements. Besides these, company secretaries can be gainfully employed in the finance departments in overseeing financial accounting, audits, contracts and negotiations especially from the legal point of view.

Those who finish the managerial training to become company secretaries, start off as junior secretarial officers in companies with salaries ranging from three to four lakhs per annum in Indian companies. As of 2008, Company Secretary salary in India were even ranging to six lakhs per annum figure in ITor ITeS private firms where company secretaries are employed for their advisory services as well as domain expertise. With the recession that came in 2009 the salary figures have dipped but even then, the starting salary figures hover around three lakhs per annum with monthly salary ranging from twenty five to thirty thousand. As one gains expertise and domain knowledge, the salary figures move upwards, especially in private enterprises.

Company Secretary Jobs in India

Company Secretary jobs in India have several opportunities in various sectors. This is such a profession whose services are required in every type of organization. As per the Companies Act of India, any organization which has a shares paid up capital of five crores and more, needs to employ a Company Secretary on their rolls. Smaller companies need to have a compliance certificate issued by practicing company secretaries.

Company Secretary Jobs in India Company Secretary is a profession whereby one can get certified by the one and only Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This course consists of three levels of programmes – the foundation, executive and professional programme completion of which allows one to be certified as a Company Secretary. Managerial training of 15 months is also mandatory to complete such a course. Each of these programmes focus in detail on the different types of laws, accounting principles, taxation structures, managerial practice, information systems and governance principles that are required to be complied by companies. Thus, such professionals are equipped to be employed by both private and public sector companies as well as financial institutions such as banks.

Companies which seek listing on the stock exchanges need to employ the services of a Company Secretary. The Central Government offices have especially reserved senior posts and services for such qualified professionals. The Department of Company Affairs requires to employ company secretaries from Grade I to IV in the accounts department. All nationalized banks in India also need to appoint company secretaries in their finance, accounts, merchant and law sections.

Besides the type of companies who need to employ company secretaries as made mandatory by law, every type of organization which runs with a broad, trustee structure as well as is governed by an association, society, trust, federation, cooperative society and such, find it useful to have on board company secretaries who can advice them on their workings in accordance with the legal and statutory requirements of a country. Then again, many certified company secretaries can opt for certificate for practice from the ICSI institute. Such independent professionals can offer their services on contractual or as retainer ship to different corporates. They can issue different types of statutory certificates, can advise management on finance and projects or strategic management issues as well.

Thus, there are a wide range of responsibilities for company secretaries in India and with the rapid changes that are happening in the market and corporate scenario, there are evolving trends and responsibilities for company secretaries in corporate India.

Company Secretary Jobs in Chennai

Chennai is one of the fast developing metropolises in India and there are expanding business opportunities to be found in this capital city of Tamil Nadu. Every type of industry, from industrial to software or animation studios are setting up base here and this presents a myriad of employment opportunities for different types of professionals, including company secretaries.

If you thought that Company Secretary jobs are only restricted in the financial capital of the country or the capital NCR region, you would be dead wrong. Cities all over the country are increasing their industrial base ad there is a growing need for Company Secretary qualified professionals who can offer their legal and advisory services to every type of firm. A glance at the current employment scenario in Chennai would show the kind of employment opportunities present in the city today.

Company Secretary Jobs in Chennai There are jobs posted on jobs portals like naukri which advertise for media companies who require the services of company secretaries. Most such companies have lots of work in documentation such as drafting, preparing, vetting and organizing the legal aspects of various documentations; looking into trademarks, copyrights, patents, finalizing registration and applications, looking into vendor agreements and other forms of contracts. With the rise in media companies including publication houses in Chennai and other places in south India, they have specific legal work which requires the expertise of company secretaries.

There are also financial services firms in Chennai who are on the lookout for company secretaries. Since stock broking, mutual funds management and private wealth management funds deal with financial transactions and services, they need to have company secretaries employed to ensure that the various products that they sell to their clients are legally sound and all types of statutory provisions are looked into. Again, internal audits and financial accounting is an important process which need vetting by company secretaries in such firms.

There is a third category of companies who have a high demand for company secretaries and that involves IT or IT enabled services. Some such consultancy firms employ company secretaries as consultants who work as employees on outsourced projects, bringing with them the domain knowledge of secretarial services on similar projects. However, there is also a high demand for company secretaries, especially at a senior level, who would look into the board and shareholder meetings, ensure corporate governance in board decisions, overlook the entire administration from the legal perspective, look into the legal provisions of contracts, agreements and so forth from a senior managerial point of view.

Thus, there are many Company Secretary jobs in Chennai in different sectors and one can either develop a specific domain experience in a certain industry or even try new horizons to expand their knowledge of the workings of different industries.

Company Secretary Jobs in Bangalore

Company Secretary jobs are numerous in cities as well as towns in India. This is a specialized profession whose services are required by all types of companies, public or private, associations, federations, trusts and even welfare societies which are run by a board or trustee or council structure. Companies Act makes it mandatory for companies with paid up capital of five crores and more to employ the services of a Company Secretary.

Company Secretary is a specialized profession which equips individuals with indepth knowledge of the legal, corporate and statutory requirement of companies. Knowledge of the managerial systems, information systems, legal, taxation structures and overall administration equips such individuals to be able to play an advisory role to senior management including board as well as shareholders on the nuances of sound corporate governance and to take decisions as per the corporate and commercial laws existing in a system.

Company Secretary Jobs in Bangalore Bangalore is an It hub as well as many private export oriented industries have their base here. Every such company needs the expertise of company secretaries. While small companies might refer to services of practicing company secretaries here to obtain the compliance certificates that need to be issued as per the Companies Act, bigger firms have several company secretaries in their employment.

IT and other companies with paid up capital more than five crores need the services of company secretaries and may have many such qualified professionals on their rolls to help out the finance departments to ensure that all legalities of processes are in place. Many ITeS firms have business process outsourcing of clients which require the domain expertise of company secretaries.

Every Central government enterprise located in Bangalore have company secretaries in their employment to help out with different legal and corporate governance processes. Then again, listed companies have a high demand for company secretaries who can help out with annual statements and certificates which need to be issued under the authorization of company secretaries.

There are also a large number of secretarial firms in Bangalore who offer their services to small and large companies. From standard procedures such as compliance certificates to special circumstances such as joint collaboration, arbitration, conciliation, project planning and strategic management – the advisory services of such secretarial firms are in high demand.

Thus, with the large growing corporate sector and other types of government and small and large enterprises, there is no dearth of Company Secretary jobs in Bangalore. Lucrative salary packages and challenging work awaits many in this city for those who choose to take up this profession in this city.

Company Secretary Job Description

The job description of a company secretary is to take care of the legal affairs of an organization or a firm. A company secretary’s responsibility is to adhere to legal customs and financial principles of an organization. A company secretary also needs to attend company meetings with stakeholders, company’s shareholders as well as board of directors. They need to be prepared with answers for questions which may get raised by stakeholders during the meeting. A company secretary acts as a mediator between the company shareholders and board of directors.

Company Secretary Job Description The qualification required to become a company secretary is that he should be a graduate in any field, and complete the course of company secretary from Institute of Company secretaries in India. If he has done diploma or any other additional course then that would be considered as an added skill. The company secretary should have a thorough knowledge about company’s rules and regulations. He should have a ready access to all the required details about the company as and when it’s needed. He should take the responsibility of scheduling meetings with board of directors and organizations’ legal advisors.

The duty of a company secretary is also to process records for legal memo of the company. In addition to conducting annual general meetings, a company secretary also need to prepare the records for minutes of meetings with the shareholders. A company secretary needs to monitor the required changes in legislation and regulatory management. He needs to take care of financial management, the insured property of the firm and due payment if any. He collects writing reports, updated data and takes decisions with regard to tax and accounting.

Thus company secretary’s profile is quite a significant profile as it is involved in the well being and growth of the company. Although company secretaries are not legal advisors yet they have a deep understanding of the norms that affect the part of their work. A company secretary has to be appointed by public limited companies legally as per the rule. And as far as private companies are concerned, many companies have also started appointing company secretaries. This is precisely the reason why public limited companies ensure that they appoint an efficient candidate who can fit into the role of a company secretary. These companies are largely dependent on company secretaries and hence only the one who fulfils all the requirements of the company gets appointed as a company secretary.

Company Secretary Job Description

Company Secretary job descriptions may be found amongst the personnel files of every type of organization. Most organizations in India require the role of a Company Secretary and only a duly qualified person can perform such a function.

As per Section 383A of Companies Act, 1956, every company whose paid up share capital is five crores and more, they need to employ a Company Secretary as a full time employee. The legalities of every firm need to be looked into and even for companies which have a smaller share of paid up capital, they need to have compliance certificates issued by practicing company secretaries.

Company Secretary Job Description The job description of a Company Secretary would show that it is a multifaceted role since one needs to have knowledge about each function that exists in an organization. Such a role requires one to assume responsibility of the legal aspects of all functions and to ensure that every activity of an organization is legally sound.

Most of the role of a Company Secretary consists of financial or legislative matters of an organization. When a company decides to go public, there are many legal and governance issues that need to be looked into and here is where a Company Secretary’s role becomes paramount. The annual statements which are issued to the stock exchange can only be signed by a Company Secretary; again, audit results which are issued also need to be signed by a CS, thus indicating the responsibility and importance that such a role evokes.

No matter which sector or industry a Company Secretary is employed, his or her role consists primarily of looking into governance mechanisms and structures of an organization and ensuring corporate conduct in board or shareholder meetings. The decisions which are taken in such meetings need to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements as well as listing requirements on the stock exchanges. The induction of trustees and training of non-executives, issuance of reports and circulars to shareholders, employee benefits schemes administration – they all fall within the purview of a Company Secretary’s job description. They also need to look into insurance administration, contracts that are signed with buyers, suppliers or customers, the various risks associated with an organization’s business, property administration and financial accounting statements all need to be scrutinized by a Company Secretary to ensure legal soundness of the same. They are also important members to confer with in matters of corporate planning and strategizing.

Thus, the Company Secretary job description is a comprehensive one and includes overseeing of legal and governance aspects of all functions within an organization.

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