If you are considering a career as a Company Secretary, you must first be aware of the definition of such a role in a company, how it varies from country to country and what it entails as a career.

A Company Secretary is a senior managerial position which exists in private as well as public organizations. In the United States such a position is known as corporate secretary. The principal role of a Company Secretary is to ensure that the administration of a company is efficiently ruin, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the state or states where the company and its offices are located. Also, the decisions which are taken by the Board of Directors of a company are implemented effectively under the guidance of a Company Secretary.

Company Secretary Despite the name which is given to such a role, it is not even close to being a secretarial or a clerical role. When an organization is formed there are many legal and legislative norms that it needs to comply with which vary from state to state and country to country. Compliance of such rules and regulations is the prime responsibility of a Company Secretary. Such a role has also the responsibility of informing the board of a company of its legal responsibilities. The legal documents which are signed for a company, the legal representative who takes on responsibilities is the Company Secretary. Thus, such a person also needs to ensure that the right communication is taking place with the shareholders of a company and company records, annual accounts are duly maintained.

In India there are provisions in the Companies Act whereby the role of a Company Secretary is defined. Every company which has a paid up share capital exceeding Rs. 50 million or 5 crores, is required by law to appoint a Company Secretary. In India, such an appointed person needs to be a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. When a company has ten lakhs or more paid up capital, it does not need to have a full time Company Secretary but a compliance certificate has to be signed by a practicing Company Secretary in the presence of the Registrar of Companies. These rules are specified in Section 383 A of the Companies Act of1956. In India, a Company Secretary has several responsibilities such as signing of the annual returns of a company which is listed on the stock exchanges of the country. They can also issue various certificates on behalf of the company.